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President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer, Retailwinds

Traci Inglis is currently the president, chief marketing officer and chief customer officer of Retailwinds (New York & Company, Happy X Nature, Fashion to Figure, Uncommon Sense). In this position, Traci is responsible for the entire customer journey including acquisition along with utilizing customer and digital analytics to strengthen all aspects of RTW’s customer, marketing, and digital initiative. Traci also oversees all aspects of RTW’s marketing and digital initiatives, including e-commerce operations, CRM and performance marketing, loyalty, strategy and customer insights, and data analytics. She is also be responsible for creative and brand marketing, celebrity and talent relations, and all customer touch points across all brands. Traci joined RTW from TechStyle Fashion Group, where she served as president of Global Fashion Brands since March 2017. Throughout her career, Traci has had experience growing brands, customers and sales.

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